My Old Dutch

My Old Dutch

My title game just gets worse! 

If you follow me on instagram, you will have already had a sneak peak of my FRIYAY brunch. (Side note- who else loved the snapchat filters this Friday?!)

Annyyway, back to brunch- a.k.a. the most important meal of the day- Storm Abigail had us all in a rubbish mood so what else would we do bar go get pancakes!


Luckily, My Old Dutch is just on our post-lecture doorstep!


This was my first visit (God knows how I have managed to avoid it thus far) and I couldn’t believe the selection!


As far as drinks were concerned, we went for a classic pot of green tea- to help us thaw out after our trip up Holborn in the torrential rain


Now on to the food;

Not only do they do classic American style pancakes- or ‘butterscotch pancakes’ as they were called on the menu- but they had a huge selection of crepes, both sweet and savoury, which was such a pleasant surprise. Most pancake places I have visited solely serve the U.S. variety. They also had a selection of miniature Dutch pancakes (“proffertjes”), waffles, soups, salads and ice creams! There was something for everyone- although I however cannot get comfortable with the idea of a savoury pancake!

Three out of the four of us went for the butterscotch pancakes with blueberries, strawberries, maple syrup and cream…


OH MY GOODNESS WERE THEY GOOD! I’m such a stickler for Eggs Benedict or anything containing avocado that I often miss out on the pancakes whenever I go for bunch, so going to a pancake house was a blessing in disguise. I would have been a sore loser if I had ordered eggs over these.

So much deliciousness contained in one picture!


The odd one out ordered a waffle- It did look fab, but had nothing on the pancakes!


It didn’t look promising at the beginning, but lo & behold I CLEARED MY PLATE!!


To be honest, I spent a fair few hours feeling queasy after eating it all but i didn’t regret it for a moment- the pancakes were sooooooooooo good & I’m sure I will be back to try out a crepe in the near future

Tara xo