Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster


Imaginative title huh?

I realise it has taken me a very long time to visit- but the much heralded Burger and Lobster has never really been very high on my hit-list.


This is because I have always thought I disliked lobster- one of those childhood ‘allergies’, where you stayed away from something purely because you disliked it/had never tried it. PlusĀ£20 seemed steep for a burger, especially when I’m not their biggest fan either


If you haven’t made the journey yet I would suggest you move it to the top of your to-do list!

Before we talk about food, a special mention must go to the cocktails;

This was an "ABFAB", and it was definitely fab! *cringe*

This was an “ABFAB”, and it was definitely fab! *cringe*

Looking at these pictures is making me wish I could go back right now!

I cannot remember exactly what this was called, it was a bellini of some kind and was also very delicious

I cannot remember exactly what this was called, it was a bellini of some kind and was also very delicious

I went with some of my family so there was a rather large group of us. An indecisive bunch, and eager to try a bit of everything, we all got a burger each and a few lobster meals to share, it was like a game of Tetris fitting it all onto the table! (As you can probably tell by the photos- it was very chaotic but I tried my best)



Most of us got the burger with bacon and cheese- it was one of the best burgers I have ever had! And the side salad was also ahh-mazing, not sure what was on it, and wish I’d asked, but it went down a treat!


And for the main article… dun dun duhn- I TRIED LOBSTER AND I LIKED IT (that sounds a lot like a Katy Perry song)



Ok so I’m not exactly sure what it tasted of, it wasn’t like anything I’ve eaten before and I’m also not sure lobster would be the first thing I ordered off a menu but I definitely won’t be turning my nose up at it ever again!

Not one of us cleared our plates, but I left with a tummy full enough to last me a couple of days- quite literally!

If you haven’t already realised- I was very impressed! The attention to detail was apparent- the side salad was almost as good as the burger (as I’ve already mentioned!) and the sauce that came with the lobster was also perfect for dipping the chips in, whilst the wet wipes & bib were also great added extra’s!

We didn’t manage to attempt any desserts- so they remain elusive!

I will 100% be returning for a lobster roll, and perhaps to sample a few more cocktails & a pudding! (and maybe next time I’ll get some better pictures!)

If you’ve been please let me know what you thought!

Tara xo