Remember Remember the 5th of November..

Remember Remember the 5th of November..

…Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.

I have a confession- I LOVE bonfire night, but I’m not entirely sure why. If I’m completely honest I am not even sure what represents today. It was named a national day of thanksgiving by Parliament after the Gunpowder Plot was foiled and first celebrated in 1606. I can’t help feel that now, however, bonfire night is celebrated by many as an heroic display of anti-establishment sentiment, or maybe people just find it is a time to gather, watch a pretty firework display and begin the festive season.

I went to a school that Guy Fawkes once attended- maybe why I am so interested- and have grown up in an environment where the burning of a bonfire is frowned upon, especially when topped with an effigy of the former pupil- which I cant help but agree with. Yes, a bonfire is great, but why, in the 21st century are we still encouraging children to a) make these dolls to gain a profit (‘penny for the guy’) and b) set them alight- as if torture is acceptable. All we are promoting is a lack of┬átolerance- after all; the original effigy was the pope.

Anyway, that’s all a bit heavy for a weekend.

The real reason I’m here is to tell you about the firework display I went to tonight!




Since I moved to London, I have discovered the delight of public firework displays! Last year I went to one at Battersea Park, 1 word- amazing. This year I went to one held in Bishops Park, not quite as good, but it was a lot smaller so that’s not unsurprising, we still had a great time- as i said, I love bonfire night! Plus, this one had a FUN FAIR- definitely child & childish adult friendly, we came away with a rather large collection of soft toys and a new appreciation for candyfloss.

Here’s some pictures for your enjoyment- at least that way you can pretend you were there.



Obviously this post wouldn't be complete without a picture of food!

Obviously this post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of food!

First mulled wine of the season! BRING ON CHRISTMAS!

First mulled wine of the season! BRING ON CHRISTMAS!



Definitely some of the biggest kids there!




I worry that this may be a case of ‘you had to be there’ but I hope not. If you haven’t made it to one yet there are plenty more happening over the weekend and you should definitely try go to one, I may even attend another tomorrow!

Tara xo

  • I have always found the whole burning of the Guy thing a bit strange too. But I’m still a fan of a good fireworks display with a giant jacket potato followed by some bonfire toffee! Lovely photos x

    • You can’t beat it! Although I’m definitely all about the Hog roast. Thank you!

  • I don’t get the traditional meaning behind bonfire night – I just like the food and the fireworks ­čÖé

    Ashleigh xx

    • The food & fireworks are definitely the best parts, as for the meaning I’m still at a loss!
      Tara x