I Got It from My Mama…

I know I’ve been very absent around here lately and it’s beyond ironic that my last post was about juggling blogging and uni yet here am I definitely not finding the balance. BUT it’s 3rd year and when it comes to getting my dissertation done and done to a good standard I don’t think I really […]

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Juggling Blogging and University

How to juggle blogging with a full time job/university/school/children

or a full time job/school/children- I reckon the principle is largely the same? (maybe the children one might be a little harder to work around since they’re actual people who can’t be side-lined) As I didn’t start my blog until I was in my second year of uni you’d be forgiven for thinking making time […]

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Nutella & Sea Salt Cookies

Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m currently writing this whilst Storm Dorris thrashes around outside and wishing I had made them today rather than a couple of week ago- there’s something so cosy about baking-and obviously the sweet treats that come from it! (Look at me, classic Brit- talking about the weather!) There’s also something about Nutella that is so […]

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My Most Loved: Brow Products

Brows are something I really struggle with- mine are already pretty full so they don’t need too much product throughout but a few years of over-plucking in the middle has left them needing some TLC in the centre. I’m also blonde, with brows a lot darker than my natural hair colour would dictate, so I […]

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Super Seedy Granola Bars

Super seedy granola bar recipe

My go to breakfast is always either porridge or granola- so when I fancied a sweet treat that could also double up as breakfast on the go or an afternoon snack, I thought a Granola bar was the perfect solution! My cupboards are stocked with these ingredients all year round so it was whipped up […]

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