10 Things to Love about Autumn

Things I love about Autumn

Summer is by far my favourite season- and although I love the start of any new season, they all tire eventually, except summer! The light nights give us more hours in the day and there’s something about the sun, as well as the free time that comes with educational holidays that but’s everyone in high […]

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Fab Flapjack

Easiest Flapjack Recipe

Now it’s officially Autumn- the weather would still suggest otherwise!- Porridge has made a come back into my daily routine and you know what that means, OATS, and I would be ridiculous if I had an abundance of oats in the house and didn’t make flapjack, right? RIGHT! I know I always say how simple […]

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Kylie Crème Shadows

Kylie Cosmetics Review and Swatches

I was adamant I wouldn’t buy anything more from Kylie Cosmetics after being a little disappointed by my lip kits (although I have to say that they’ve definitely grown on me since my review) and because of the shipping costs- I thought myself lucky not to have been charged customs the first time round, it seemed normal […]

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Summer Berry Cake

Summer Celebration Cake

YES, I know it’s September and Summer’s basically over now and everyone’s looking forward to the cosy jumpers and seasonal drinks (count me out!) but I couldn’t let this recipe go to waste! I had intended to post it pre-bank holiday, seen as it’s the perfect bake for a family get together, alas that did […]

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Forest on the Roof, Selfridges

A visit to Selfridges' Forest on the Roof

I know today probably isn’t the day to talk about rooftop dining/drinking- looking outside my window it could definitely be mid-November- BUT, during last week’s **heat wave** I was determined to make the most of what London has to offer and headed to Selfridges’ ‘Forest on the Roof’. I have been meaning to visit Selfridges […]

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Pink Lemonade Ice Lollies

Home made lollies with strawberries and raspberies

This summer we have been blessed with some gorgeous weather in the UK, leading to many impromptu BBQs. 90% of the time I knock up a quick cake or Pavlova for dessert but recently I fancied a change and made the cutest (and tastiest!) ice lollies! The pink lemonade mixture tasted SO good that we […]

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